Summer 18/19 Teams


Please click below on the relevant grade to find out your team for the upcoming Summer season 2018/19

Congratulations and good luck to all girls and teams

If you wish to have your team placement reviewed please CLICK HERE to be relocated to our Application for Selection Review where you will need to download and complete a form and have it sent back to Registrations Officer. Please note you only have 7 DAYS to submit this form from (12th – 19th September).

Sub-Primary Summer 18_19 Sheet1

Primary Summer 18_19 Sheet1

Sub-Junior Summer 18_19 Sheet1

Juniors Summer 18_19 Sheet1

Inters Summer 18_19 Sheet1

Seniors Summer 18_19 Sheet1

*Coaches should be in contact by the 17th September.

**Please be aware that training can start as soon as next Wednesday 19th September. 



Sub-Primary, Primary & Sub-Junior:

Please note – as we did last season with the Seniors, Inters and Junior presentation fee. We are adding the Sub-Primary, Primary and Sub-Junior presentation cost in to their fee’s. You will now pay for the presentation up front, to help with numbers. For example Sub-Junior fees $170 + $20 = $190. Players will have a week (7 days) before the Presentation Event to notify Natalie Maxted if you cannot attend and the monies will be either refunded or can be adjusted against your next season fees.

Seniors, Inters, Junior & Sub-Junior:

Due to the increase in teams that play at SADNA in the Summer season, SADNA have had to implement a third playing time slot for Monday and Tuesday night competition


  1. Inters & Seniors: 6:25pm – 7:37pm
  2. Seniors: 7:50pm – 8:57pm
  3. Seniors: 9:10pm – 10:17pm

SADNA will be turning off all lights at 10:30, please be aware of your safety when leaving the courts.


  1. Sub-Juniors: 6:25pm – 7:12pm
  2. Sub-Juniors: 7:25pm – 8:12pm
  3. Juniors: 8:25pm – 9:20pm

*SADNA have changed the length of the quarters for Sub-Junior and Junior players:
Sub-Junior: 10minute quarters
Junior: 12minute quarters


Friday nights will stay as is.

  1. Sub-Primary: 6:50pm
  2. Primary: 8pm

Unfortunately this change is out of our control, please be patient with the change in process.