COVID-19 Update




Restrictions have been changed

From 12:01am 12 March 2022, the Emergency Management (Activities – Associated Direction 22)(COVID-19) Direction shall apply.  It is expected that the following will come into effect:

Density Requirements

Direction will remove the density requirements for all public activities. Public Activities are defined as:

A defined public activity means:

  • onsite purchase and consumption of food or beverages (whether occurring in an indoor or outdoor area)
  • sport (including sports training), fitness or recreation activities
  • indoor public meetings
  • ceremonies
  • public assemblies
  • provision of personal care services
  • provision of public entertainment
  • provision of recreational transport
  • the operation of a nightclub
  • the operation of relevant licensed premises
  • the operation of a casino or gaming area (within the meaning of the Gaming Machines Act 1992)
  • auctions and inspections of premises for the purpose of sale or rental of any property
  • driver instruction
  • an assembly within the meaning of the Public Assemblies Act 1972
  • the provision of health care, residential care, disability support or aged care services
  • the onsite purchase and consumption of shisha.

Contact Tracing

Requirement remains for contacting tracing using an approved system (QR codes) at defined public activities except for the following:

  • Recreational transport
  • Auctions and inspections for sale and rental of properties
  • Public transport, taxis and ride share
  • Educational facilities

Dancing and singing

In addition, there are no longer restrictions on dancing and singing.


Home (residential) gatherings

Home gatherings are no longer capped.



Please be aware that masks remain a requirement of this Direction. This includes:

  • Masks for high risk settings
  • Masks for personal care services (except for the person receiving the service, if necessary for the provision of the personal care service)
  • Masks for health care services (except for the person receiving the service, if necessary for the provision of the health care service)
  • Masks for passenger transport services
  • Masks for indoor fitness facilities (except while exercising)
  • Masks for shared indoor public places

Please observe this update as part of your COVID Safe Plan and where relevant, operate accordingly. You will receive further communication regarding your plan as soon as possible.

We appreciate your continued assistance in ensuring the safety of South Australians.

(Issued 11 March 2022 to apply from 12.01am 12 March)