Winter 2019 Teams

Please click below on the relevant grade to find out your team for the upcoming Summer season 2018/19

Congratulations and good luck to all girls and teams

If you wish to have your team placement reviewed pleaseĀ CLICK HERE to be relocated to our Application for Selection Review where you will need to download and complete a form and have it sent back to Registrations Officer. Please note you only have 7 DAYS to submit this form from (9th-16th April 2019).

*Coaches should be in contact by the 17th April.

**Please be aware that training can start as soon as next Wednesday 19th September. 

WINTER SEASON BEGINS: Saturday 27th April, Monday 29th April & Tuesday 30th April


Presentation Fee’s are still to be included within a players fee’s. This is a continuation from the previous 2 seasons. For example: Sub-Junior Fee’s $170 + $20 = $190. Players will have a week (7 days) before the presentation event to notify Natalie Maxted if you cannot attend and the monies will either be refunded or can be adjusted against your next season fees.

Seniors, Inters, Junior & Sub-Junior:

Unlike the previous summer seasons, games will return to 2 matches on a Monday and Tuesday night rather than the 3 slots. Please see below for match times.


  1. Inters: 7pm
  2. Seniors: 7pm & 8:30pm

15minute quaters, 3/5/3 breaks.


  1. Sub-Juniors: 6:50pm
  2. Juniors: 8:10pm

*SADNA have reversed the previous changed the length of the quarters. Times are now as follows:
Sub-Junior: 12minute quarters, 2/3/2 breaks
Junior: 15minute quarters, 3/5/3 breaks


  1. Sub-Primary: 12:50pm
  2. Primary: 2pm

10minute quarters, 2/3/2 breaks

For any queries other than grading related questions, please forward them on to the Secretary, Vice President and President.

Contact details can be found HERE