Match Information

 All of our games are played at the SA District Netball Association (SADNA) courts on Atlantis Drive, Golden Grove (behind McDonalds)

Summer 18/19 Change:

Seniors, Inters, Juniors & Sub-Juniors:

Due to the increase in teams that play at SADNA in the Summer season, SADNA have had to implement a third playing time slot for Monday and Tuesday night competition

  1. Inters & Seniors: 6:25pm – 7:37pm
  2. Seniors: 7:50pm – 8:57pm
  3. Seniors: 9:10pm – 10:17pm

SADNA will be turning off all lights at 10:30, please be aware of your safety when leaving the courts.

  1. Sub-Juniors: 6:25pm – 7:12pm
  2. Sub-Juniors: 7:25pm – 8:12pm
  3. Juniors: 8:25pm – 9:20pm

*SADNA have changed the length of the quarters for Sub-Junior and Junior players:
Sub-Junior: 10minute quarters
Junior: 12minute quarters


Friday nights will stay as is.

  1. Sub-Primary: 6:50pm
  2. Primary: 8pm

Unfortunately this change is out of our control, please be patient with the change in process.

Monday Nights
Inter usually start at 7:00pm
Senior usually start at 7.00pm & 8:30pm

Tuesday Nights

Sub-Junior usually start at 6:50pm
Junior usually start at 8:10pm
Saturday Afternoons (Winter Season)
Sub-Primary usually start at 12.50pm
Primary usually start at 2.00pm
Friday Nights  (Summer Season)
Sub-Primary usually start at 6.50pm
Primary usually start at 8.00pm



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